Frequently Asked Questions

How does the online program work?

Train4Anything starts with a detailed one-on-one evaluation of your capabilities and goals. That evaluation is then used to formulate a detailed program of individually selected exercises and routines; these will be explained and demonstrated by your assigned Trainer.

A personalized private web page will then be created for you on the Train4Anything website. There, you will be able to review your own program in detail, complete with links to video demonstrations of each exercise, and to track your schedule and progress.

You will have a Monthly Evaluation with your Trainer, who will advance your program with new exercises and higher effort levels as you are ready for them. Your Personal Trainer is always available to you by email for questions that arise, while the use of multimedia support allows for holding costs well below the usual cost of full-time individual sessions.

How much does it cost?

Ultimately, it depends on which program you choose. A list of program options will be available to you by following the “Sign Up” link at the top of our homepage. However, our programs start as low as $29 per month. There are no initiation fees.

Can I pull up workouts that I did in the past?

Yes! Our goal is for you to learn to do this on your own.

Is there a Train4Anything Fitness Mobile App?

Not yet. We are planning to launch our mobile app by the end of 2014.

Can Train4Anything Fitness provide me with a nutrition program?

Train4Anything Fitness cannot provide clients with detailed meal plans. However, we can provide recommendations regarding the quality and quantity of foods that one should eat. This is done to ensure our clients meet their goals in the safest, most effective way possible.

How do I meet with my trainer for my Monthly Evaluation?

If you live in the North County San Diego area, we can coordinate a face-to-face meeting at an agreed upon location. If you would rather meet virtually, or live outside of North County San Diego, video meetings can be done through Skype, or Google Video Chat. Clients will also be provided with an e-mail address to ask any question, any time.

Do you offer Personal Training Services?

Yes, we currently offer traditional one-on-one Personal Training Services in the North County San Diego area. More details regarding pricing can be found by following the “Pricing” link at the top of our homepage.

Didn’t answer your question?

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