Sean is an awesome trainer. His program is built for anyone, which is great. He's there to help you through it all, whether if u have a question or if you need a little personal motivation. I highly recommend his program, it's not like other training programs I've done...where u feel trapped into doing the one program. Sean offers a great variety and his online program has videos and pictures to help you through workouts. Plus you don't have to be stuck just going to the gym (let's face it we all hate going) but you can have workouts at home or for wherever you want to workout. It's pretty awesome!!! I highly suggest checking out his website, you won't be disappointed. Ashley W.

I have suffered from various joint ailments which has made exercising and staying healthy challenging. Sean took on this challenge without any apprehension and was able to help me develop a specialized workout routine which helped me pursue my fitness goals, while also relieving the common stress and associated pain my joints would have been subjected to in more traditional approaches. Sean has always been positive about dealing with the complex problems of others and serves as a solid pillar to support those around him. Jon W.

After being trained by Sean and thanks to his guidance I am continuing to make great progress in my health and fitness. We started after I was done with rehab, following surgery to repair my fully ruptured Achilles tendon. Sean explained a lot of what, where and how his approach would be. He focused me on balancing my exercises to various areas not attended to in rehab and that made a noticeable difference in my running. I feel he developed a great plan to rebuild me! Glenn B